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What's Happened..2001

August 2005

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The Past...

MacKenzie March 2001

Since we last wrote, Mac has gotten a mouth full of teeth, can polish off two Mc Donalds hamburgers in one sitting and can get around on her hands and knees faster than anyone on their feet.

We have also gotten what mommy calls my "ears". These ears are my hearing aids. The bad news is that the doctor's have said that I have Nerve Deafness, there is no surgery they can do to fix it. The good news is that my new ears will help me hear better. My ears are purple and pink and I am not too sure if I like them yet. I know that when Mommy makes me mad I pull my ears out because I know it makes her mad.
As for mommy and sissy, Sissy is going to preschool and loves it, especially her teacher Ms. Terry. She is also in tap dance and ballet and will be doing her first show in June.

Mommy, well mommy is keeping busy taking care of sissy and me but she is also getting her preschool teacher certification and is getting ready to do in home day care so she can stay home and take care of me.
I say my prayers and thank God that he gave me my mommy and sissy. I couldn't ask for a better family!

Mackie's Poem
This Precious little package just arrived for me today,
The Lord said to take good care of it and love it everyday.
He said the package is not perfect, it has a few small breaks,
A little love and tenderness is all it really takes.
Most would look at this small package and ask why must I bear this weight?
They would claim the care this package need and the stress is just too great.
Just nurture it and help it become all that it can be,
Protect it with all of your heart and soon you too will see.
Soon the days will turn to years Oh how the time will soar,
Dispite it's imperfections you will love it more and more.
That Precious little gift that God did give to me that day,
Is sleeping soundly in her bed, I thank God for her each day!

Mac has strived during the past year since her birth.
We have recently celebrated her 1st birthday.
The doc's at UCSF are happy with her surgery and her progress so far.
I have found many new friends and
learned how to find the assistance I need in the past year.
I have also found many orginizations that are out there to help us.
People have literally come out of the woodwork to help.
I have learned that there really are angels in the world,
living angels.
To all our angels, friends, e-bay angels and others, THANK YOU! We wouldn't have survived the year alone.