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Mac and her sisters. Meghan, Brianna, Cheryl, Allyson, Riley and Kassiah

Pictures of my family and friends.

Email me a photo for my photo page.  Include your name and the date.

Me at 3 months. Post op see my forehead?

My family (before my new daddy and sisters)

Mac's big sister Cheryl

My new baby brother Caden at 25 weeks, he is due Aug 14, 2005

Mar 01 15 months old

Friend Annie 8 mons old with Bi-Cornial synostosis

Mommy, Cheryl and Mac

Me and my sister June 24 '01
me with my new ears on.
Me at my haircut in March. I now have new eyes!! Arn't I cute?!
My sister Riley.
Me and Ally, Cheryl and Bri at Chuck E Cheese's Our Email Signature. Thank you!!
My new baby Brother Caden! My Mommy and Daddy Tom
Meghan & Riley
Kassiah Christmas 04
Mac, Mom and Riley Mac all hooked up (Sleep Study)
Mac at Fisherman's warf Mac June 05
Beautiful baby brother My sister Cheryl
Mac and Athena at the Fair's Giant Slide